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To my grandmother Angelita.


Angelita, is my grandmother.
After spanish civil war, there was a poverty context where most of the population couldn’t study and live. She didn’t go to school. Searching a better future, took a train at the age of 12 with her cousin and arrived from the south of Spain to the region of Catalonia. She called her family and said to them that there were more opportunities. She got a job, but she never couldn’t learn how to write and read.

In 2019 I proposed to her to «draw» all the letters of the abecedary.
Later I contacted my designer and typograph friend Gerard Sierra to digitalize this draws for keyboard.
In that moment born «The abecedary of my Grandmother». It was controversial for me be able to write with letters from someone that couldn’t.

At the end of 2020 I moved to Sabadell for a three month art residency. Was there when I took consciousness of the typography of my grandma and I started a project about it. It was about collaborations where some friends, artists and random people send me a phrase. Then I composed a couple of posters that I putted around the streets of the new city.

But I went more away with the typo. I used it during the year in various projects, collaborations and artworks. Now, that period drived me to have the opportunity to present a solo show in a art institution. I decided to make it about my grandma and her interpretations of letters.


The exhibition «Un gran dinar» was a top of the relationship with my grandma, this drawings and me. We organized a big opening, inviting close friends and family to share a meal in the museum. For this we created a special tablecloth.


This letters are the legacy of my grandmother and I’m sure that this will join me forever.


Thank you all for read this text.

It exist.









Art Museu Sabadell.

A la meva àvia Angelita.

Angelita, és la meva àvia.
Després de la Guerra Civil Espanyola hi havia un context d’incertesa. La meva àvia no va anar a l’escola. Buscant un futur millor, va agafar un tren a l’edat de dotze anys amb el seu cosí segon i va arribar des del sud d’Espanya a la regió de Catalunya. Més endavant va fer una crida a la seva família i els va dir que hi havia més oportunitats. Va aconseguir una feina, però mai no va poder aprendre a llegir ni escriure.

L’any 2019 li vaig proposar «dibuixar» totes les lletres de l’abecedari.
Més tard em vaig posar en contacte amb el meu amic dissenyador i tipògraf Gerard Sierra per digitalitzar aquests dibuixos a teclat digital.
En aquell moment va néixer «L’abecedari de la meva àvia». Va ser controvertit poder escriure amb cartes d’algú que no podia.

A finals de 2020 em vaig traslladar a Sabadell per a una residència d’art de tres mesos. Era allà quan vaig prendre consciència de la tipografia de la meva àvia i vaig començar un projecte sobre aquest tema. Es tractava de col·laboracions en les quals alguns amics, artistes i persones aleatòries m’enviaven frases o textos. Després vaig dissenyar un parell de cartells que vaig col·locar pels carrers de la nova ciutat.

Però me n’he anat més lluny amb la tipografia. L’he anat utilitzat en diversos projectes, col·laboracions i obres. Aquest període em va portar a tenir l’oportunitat de presentar un expo en solitari en una institució d’art. Vaig decidir fer-ho sobre la meva àvia i les seves interpretacions de cartes.

L’exposició «Un gran dinar» va ser una festa de la relació amb la meva àvia, els dibuixos i jo. Vam organitzar una gran obertura, convidant amics i familiars propers a compartir un àpat al museu. Per a això hem creat una plataforma especial.

Aquestes cartes són el llegat de la meva àvia i estic segur que això s’unirà a mi per sempre.

Gràcies a tots per llegir aquest text.







This was the last exhibition that I did in Tarragona.

In this show, I was living isolated during 7 days in a big historical christian building called the «Convent de les Arts», Alcover.

This was a place where lost people used to live…trying to find answers in themselves.


During this experience I decided block 7 bad habits for me:

No food
No alcohol
No drugs
No masturbation
No talk
No connectivity
No clock


During the week I painted 6 canvas, one per day. Every painting was a dialogue between me and the sourrounding.

The last day (7) I opened the doors of the space and I cutted the isolation process for share with my family and the visitors my opinion about the experience.


One year later they started a art residency program in the same place that I lived during that week.

Thanks to the organization and the people for came.




Can Coriol – Partida las Puntas 1

One of the most important shows of my life.


In this exhibition I proposed to my family to organize a big event on my homeplace. The intention was show our lifestyle, how things work in our universe. I was moving into a new city and this was the last time there.


We started at 7AM cook with my mom. The idea was a full day show like a family sunday. But this time sharing my work and my privacy with whatever person that arrive there. I didn’t move my works into a gallery I moved the people.


I created a aerial map of my home. The artworks where putted in specific places of my home. My dad’s atelier, the flowers of my mom or my workspace. This sheet was one of the most important elements of the exhibition. I tryed to contextualize to the visitors where they were every moment. I shared with the public my family codes.


My homeplace seems that is far from everything. There’s a chaotic feeling in the atmosphere that makes into the outsiders a bucolic mood for create and live but for me it’s something more punchy. Anyway, it’s not easy to get there. There’s no public transport. Only road and dust. It was surprising that people listened the call and appeared there.


Thank you so much for come.

I love you forever…




14/14 Limited edition tee shirts from the show «UN GRAN DINAR»



Screenprint on 100% withe cotton tee

Black ink

Size 41



200€ +(worldwide shipping)



To buy this piece or get more info please write an email here